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This page contains the most recent weeks worth of Grant Thornton press releases.

Current Press Releases

4 December Parliament set to provide explorers much needed investment incentive today

20 November FTA fast tracks Australia’s mid-size sector

19 November Property developers substantiate claims to abolish stamp duty

17 November Are our food & agri producers best positioned to take advantage of the FTA with China?

17 November Manufacturers to increase relevance in China’s supply chain

17 November Everyone’s a winner as coal tariffs set to be removed

12 November Mid-size businesses pay the price on profit shifting

11 November Growth sectors driving confidence in Australia's deals market

16 October 2014 Australia outranks global peers in sustainable practices

14 October 2014 Aussie business gains helping hand to compete & grow

29 September 2014 First glimmers of hope emerge from dire conditions for junior minors

3 September 2014 Professional practices face new risk assessment on profits

1 September 2014 Australian innovators seek even playing field in attempt to reverse the brain drain

17 August 2014 Private equity firms shopping for Australian retail growth

16 July 2014 Pioneer charities reap rewards of social media governance

18 June 2014 Food & beverage sector relishes ripe acquistion opportunities

13 May 2014 Fine line in downsizing achieving public sector productivity gains

13 May 2014
Save now, benefit in the future

13 May 2014 Changes to the R&D tax offset do not encourage growth

13 May 2014 Government announces $11.6 bn infrastructure investment to build our nation

13 May 2014 The Sweet and Sour for the Life Sciences Industry

13 May 2014 GST reform left out in the cold on budget night

13 May 2014 Affordable Housing backbenched

13 May 2014 Industries of the future given the slip as Federal budget overlooks the ICT sector

13 May 2014 Manufacturers suffer structural imbalances inhibiting long-term growth

13 May 2014 R&D Rate Reduction will hurt vital product development in F&B sector

13 May 2014 Talk of a budget emergency won't boost consumer confidence

2 May 2014 Property sector's significant revenue burden could decrease

24 April 2014 Clarity in sight for the automotive industry

11 April 2014 Educational performance stagnates as funding dominates debate

9 April 2014 Are we poised to maximise growth opportunities from the free trade agreements?

4 April 2014 What's next for Australian retailers?

4 February 2014 Grant Thornton expands national footprint to North Queensland

3 February 2014 To succeed in China we must understand Chinese business better

22 November 2013 Business optimistic for further growth

20 November 2013 Lenders warn conditions will remain tight over the next 12 months

12 November 2013 Fraud and corruption pose threat to global growth in the construction industry

4 November 2013 Grant Thornton Australia wins Thomson Reuters "Advisory Firm of the Year"

21 September 2013 Private equity firms adapt to a “new road map” for fundraising

14 October 2013 Social enterprises ring warning bells for Not for Profit sector

11 October 2013 Collaboration needed to keep Not for Profit sector healthy

10 October 2013 Power of mega-retailers a global challenge for food and beverage sector 

4 October 2013 Australian Construction fraud costs estimated at $5 billion per year

25 September 2013 Business advisory leader Grant Thornton teams up with MYOB for practice solutions

20 September 2013 Australia rated best for growing business

19 September 2013 Grant Thornton named one of the Top 50 Global Business Employers

2 September 2013 Grant Thornton Australia announces the appointment of Jason Sorby, Partner – Operational Advisory Lead for Queensland

16 July 2013 ATO on the warpath – 2013-14 Compliance program released 

16 July 2013 A major blow for business as FBT administration on cars set to skyrocket 

27 June 2013 Education inconsistency maybe not such a bad thing

21 June 2013 Business resolutions for a new financial year - lessons from eCommerce

23 May 2013 Ford announcement not the Death-Knell for the Local Industry

14 May 2013 Infrastructure spend to keep pace with population growth in major cities

14 May 2013 Measures to encourage exploration critical, yet absent

14 May 2013 MBS indexation freeze set to transfer costs to patients 

14 May 2013 Not-for-Profit:  Status quo for now, but for how long?

14 May 2013 Federal Budget does little to encourage investment in Australia's digital economy 

14 May 2013 Budget shuns retail sector

14 May 2013 Education funding alone will not improve school performance

14 May 2013 Funding costs to rise for overseas investment

14 May 2013 Thin capitalisation changes to stifle business investment

14 May 2013 Fair Work Commission to address bullying complaints

14 May 2013 CGT 10% non-withholding tax another disincentive for foreign investors

14 May 2013 Research and development:  The give and the take

14 May 2013 Continued uncertainty for Australian businesses going offshore

14 May 2013 Has the Budget killed Australia's competitiveness in the Asian Century

14 May 2013 Government fails to commit to real reform for future Australians

14 May 2013 Government fails to address SME's basic wish list

14 May 2013 Public Sector to be hit hard by Budget shortfall 

14 May 2013 How might the Federal Budget impact the Not-For-Profit sector?

14 May 2013 'Out of favour' sectors should be reconsidered

13 May 2013 A Budget in an election year:  "The real economic structural factors may have simply been assigned to the too hard basket"

13 May 2013 A Budget for an election year:  Right balance needed between short-term deficit decisions and longer term economic reforms

13 May 2013 Bold measures required to stimulate construction industry 

10 May 2013 A Budget in an election year: Food for thought for SMEs

7 May 2013 Innovative companies will move offshore if tax rate not reviewed 

7 May 2013 Federal Budget must remove barriers to investments in technology 

30 April 2013 Despite lower transaction multiples overall, high multiples are being paid for companies with strong growth prospects 

10 April 2013 Grant Thornton named International Accounting Bulletin's Network of the Year 

5 April 2013 Superannuation reforms – “More about winning an election than long term reform”

5 April 2013 Grant Thornton appoint Mark Smith as new Privately Held Business Partner

15 March 2013 Tax reform story not over for biotech industry

8 March 2013 Work / life balance – everyone should strive for it!

8 March 2013 What women want

8 March 2013 International Women’s Day sees more women in senior roles

8 March 2013 Routes to the top  – the best and worst places for women to get top job

3 March 2013 Junior miners not on Government agenda

21 February 2013 R&D Incentive update:  A plan for Australian jobs

4 February 2013 Australia, relying on luck rather than training for innovation

7 December 2012 Australian property sector must compete for Chinese equity boost 

27 November 2012 Private equity firms looking "global" in the face of slowing growth 

22 November 2012 Australian business to bear the cost burden of changes to Transfer Pricing laws 

2 November 2012 Australian business to bear the cost burden of changes to transfer pricing laws

24 September 2012 Food & Beverage industry positive despite constant pressure on profitability

13 September 2012 Tax compliance to be more complex as Government rushes new transfer pricing laws

2 July 2012 From 1 July 2012, Grant Thornton Australia welcomes 14 new additions to our Partner group

29 June 2012 Living Away From Home (LAFH) reforms deferred until 1 October 2012

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