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Now approaching its 20th year in 2020, this market leading event brings together bankers from all major financial institutions, across all areas of the banks, providing attendees with a unique forum to engage with their peers and colleagues. During the afternoon you will hear from legal, accounting and advisory experts, industry and sector specialists, as well as directly from customers of the banks.

This year, we confront the key issues facing lenders and their customers, impacted by economic pressures, trade and political uncertainty, and tighter lending driven in part by increased regulation & compliance – however, we will also turn our minds towards identifying opportunities to support our clients to grow and succeed in a challenging environment.


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What will be covered?

The sessions that will be covered on the day are:

Technical issues & hot topics

Our panel session will bring together technical and industry specialists from Grant Thornton and Norton Rose who will discuss a number of key issues that are front of mind for bankers and your clients, including the impact of accounting standard changes including IFRS 16 ‘Leases’, early learnings from the new Banking Code of Practice, and our observations on current ATO activity regarding collection and enforcement of your customer’s statutory debts.

A customer’s tale

Always a popular session, in a one-on-one interview, we will hear in person from a bank customer about their journey to success, how they are innovating to meet a changing market, what has worked and what hasn’t in their business. We will also explore the customer’s relationship with their advisors and bankers, including what they look for in their business partners in an increasingly competitive market.

In recent years, our guests have included Swisse, Scenic World,
Doshii, Kennards Hire, IVE Group, Altus Traffic and King Living.

Property market update

The property market continues to underpin our economy, impacting each of us personally at key times in our lives, and for many, it is also a significant consideration for us in our professional roles.

Specialists from CBRE will share their thoughts on current and future issues in your local market, including; the outlook for residential house prices in the key cities, improved office occupancy rates, and the impact of fewer offshore buyers on new developments.

The impact of culture on performance

“We pay our people for their time, but we really want access to their effort and energy. Time is fixed and finite, the effort is discretionary – this is where the greatest opportunity lies for organisations”. Matthew Croxford, Partner & National Head of Human Capital

For many businesses, people represent one of, if not the largest of all investments. Like any asset, our people have to be optimised to realise their greatest potential. As leaders in your own organisations, every day your people make a decision about how much of themselves they will give to you and your organisation.

This interactive workshop session will leave you with some key takeaways to help you realise the untapped potential, and provide you with an opportunity to share your own thoughts and hear from your banking peers about how they are approaching these challenges.

Industry lens

Our industry session will focus on the Property & Construction sector. Delayed and failed settlements, fewer offshore investors, tighter development finance, and the impact of a changing retail sector on valuations have put some developments at risk. Margin pressures are being pushed down to builders and ultimately subcontractors.

A number of recent high profile financial and quality failures (including the cladding crisis) have already led to pressures for regulatory reform at both state and federal level. In addition to the chain of responsibility laws for construction materials, the Queensland governments’ response has been to introduce compulsory project bank accounts and financial monitoring. Other states may follow.

Our panel, comprising sector specialists and alternate lenders, will draw on their experiences to provide insights into the key challenges facing new and existing developments and discuss solutions for navigating through situations where the bank is confronted with exposures at risk.

We will also consider the flow-on impact of property on other key sectors such as Retail, Manufacturing and Aged Care.

Insights from our clients

We will share with you our key findings from our Grant Thornton Mid-sized Business report, as well as our observations from conducting around 1,300 client growth and strategy sessions we have run nationally in the last two years, utilising Grant Thornton’s global 6-Box framework, highlighting the issues and challenges that are most relevant for customers across all key markets and sectors.

Guest speaker

Our guest speakers in each market will challenge and stretch your thinking on issues relevant to our future workplaces and business environment. In the last 2 years, our speakers have included Dianne Smith Gander, Mark McCrindle, Dr Keith Suter, Mark Pesce and Ashley Fell.

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