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Queensland update

11 Nov 2016

In early October 2016, the Queensland Government announced their Advancing our Cities and Regions Strategy which involves renewing and repurposing surplus and underutilised land held by the State to deliver eight economic and community zones.

South Australia update

11 Nov 2016

The latest approvals data provides a glimpse of optimism for South Australia’s building and construction industry.

Western Australia State update

11 Nov 2016

Greater transparency for people buying or selling property in Western Australia will be achieved with the introduction of new codes of conduct for real estate agents, sales representatives, settlement agents, and land valuers.

Minimise the impact of business email compromise in six steps

04 Nov 2016

According to the FBI, business email compromise (BEC) scams have resulted in $2.3 billion in losses since October 2013. Over half of cyber attacks reported in Australia are a result of this kind of malicious email fraud. And the problem is getting worse: between 2015 and 2016 there has been a 20% increase in BEC incidents reported.

Key changes to the ASX listing rules

04 Nov 2016

Key changes to the ASX listing rules

Australian business slow to act on international tax measures

27 Oct 2016

Despite heightened political and media scrutiny surrounding the tax affairs of Multinational Corporations (MNCs), Australian companies are yet to adjust their practices to better manage their international tax obligations.

FBT red tape reduction for car fleets

22 Oct 2016

If your organisation runs 20 or more cars that are used extensively for business purposes, you may be struggling to get a properly completed log book for each one, and either spending hours chasing them down or be left paying more Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) than you should.

The 10 things lenders and brokers need to know about interest-only home loans

19 Oct 2016

ASIC’s report 493 into interest-only home loans highlights the importance of responsible lending practices for both mortgage brokers and lenders, and how both can ensure consumers requirements and objectives are given due consideration.

Image rights and wrongs: Payroll Tax applied to image rights of AFL players and coaches in landmark case

18 Oct 2016

The Commissioner of State Revenue for Queensland has been successful in including payments made for image rights of players and coaches as taxable wages for payroll tax purposes

Money Laundering & Terrorism Financing - Compliance & Reputation Risks

07 Oct 2016

With increasing regulatory and media scrutiny over AML/CTF matters, regulated businesses shouldn’t take unnecessary risks or ignore potential consequences