SuperSeeker is a new online search tool provided on the ATO’s website.

It allows individuals to view information about their super, making it easy to track, find lost super and move it between super funds. The following information is available via SuperSeeker:

  • active accounts - accounts where contributions were made in the last two financial years 
  • lost accounts - accounts where funds have been unable to contact the member or have not received a contribution for more than five years 
  • super held by the ATO (i.e. unclaimed amounts)

The service does not display accounts which did not receive a contribution during the previous financial year, however future enhancements will make this information available.

Future enhancement of SuperSeeker will allow an individual to lodge a request with one super fund to transfer the super from another super fund. Also after obtaining the member’s consent, a super fund can use the SuperMatch online facility to find for account information and information about other super monies the ATO holds.