Welcome to the first bi-monthly client fraud update. Fraud in all its various incarnations of bribery, corruption and theft is a global issue where awareness lies at the heart of successful prevention and detection.

This digest is intended to keep you informed of the trends, investigations and tips on current issues in fraud, bribery and corruption from around the world. The aim is to better educate and raise awareness of an issue which the Australian Bureau of Statistics calculates accounts for 40% of the total cost of all crime domestically.

Fraud news

  1. Further arrests in China as Glaxo Smith Kline bribery probe widens
  2. Allegations of corruption in New Zealand infrastructure contracts*
  3. Top five frauds small business face
  4. The future of crime is here?
  5. The largest municipal fraud in US history!
  6. Fraud: The unknown unknown. How big is the problem?
  7. And finally...

* Currently the country least perceived to suffer from corrupt activity according to the Transparency International rankings.