The ATO has made a commitment to helping reduce the number of lost and unclaimed super accounts in Australia.

To assist in achieving this the ATO has recently enhanced its Superseeker services and introduced SuperMatch.


SuperMatch is an electronic search facility that uses the ATO’s electronic commerce interface (ECI) to provide super entities with  information about their members’:

  • active super accounts, where contributions have been received in the previous two financial years
  • lost member accounts recorded on the lost members register (LMR)
  • super monies held by the ATO. For example, unclaimed super money or superannuation holding accounts (special account)

SuperMatch will help to:

  • reunite members with their super
  • initiate discussions with members on consolidating their super accounts
  • request the transfer of some types of super monies held in lost super


SuperSeeker is an online tool accessible via the ATO website allowing individuals to search for lost and unclaimed super.
The SuperSeeker facility enables individuals to:

  • identify current super accounts that money has been paid into in the last two financial years
  • find any lost super held by other funds
  • find any ATO-held super and consolidate other super accounts into their preferred super fund

Individuals can search SuperSeeker online or contact the ATO directly by phone to obtain a form to request the ATO to search their database for lost or unclaimed super. Click here to access SuperSeeker.