Businesses today have access to an unprecedented raft of data and information on which to base decisions.

Increasingly, however, this is complicating rather than clarifying matters for clients who want to grow their business. How best can businesses harness this wealth of information to support their continued growth?

Grant Thornton was recently engaged by a private health and aged care provider to help implement their Strategic Plan, which focused on new capital investments. The client had opportunities for growth but lacked the supporting evidence to commit the required investment. The evaluation of these opportunities was being ‘muddied’, as different pieces of information reflecting the drivers for growth supported a number of different investment directions.

Our team performed a market analysis of the business conditions at a Local Government Area (LGA) level. The team accessed multiple and sizeable data sets from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare and other industry sources to develop a detailed and clear profile of business conditions for each LGA under consideration.

Factors considered included:

  • Competitor analysis
  • Potential consumer numbers and forecast trend
  • Market movements in the aged care and real estate sectors
  • Excess demand
  • Income and capacity to pay

The results of the market analysis provided:

  • A complete and clear picture of the key factors driving opportunity
  • Certainty of future investment
  • Board and management confidence to implement the growth strategy

Our team provided a detailed report outlining the market analysis performed, providing the client with clarity and areas for consideration. Armed with the information, the board were able to commit to investing in the best growth strategy to suit their risk profile, and management were able to adopt and implement the investment strategy. 

When faced with uncertainty the Growth Advisory team can provide you with the expertise you need to support your growth strategy, saving you time, confusion and risk. 

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