Ceres Agricultural Company Pty Limited (Administrators Appointed)

  • ACN 155 816 416 (the “Company”)

On 28 March 2019, Philip Campbell-Wilson and Said Jahani of Grant Thornton Australia Limited were appointed Voluntary Administrators of the Company.

Creditors who have any queries relating to the Company should contact Fraser Wilkinson at fraser.wilkinson@au.gt.com or on (02) 8297 2698.

Documents issued to creditors can be found below.

29 March 2019 - Initial Information for Creditors

16 April 2019 - Notice to Creditors

31 July 2019 - Notice of Second Meeting of Creditors

7 August 2019 – Report to Creditors prepared pursuant to Section 75-225 of the Insolvency Practice Rules

Voluntary Administrator Philip Campbell-Wilson

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Contact Phil
Voluntary Administrator Said Jahani Contact Said