The Ralan Group Pty. Ltd. & Associated Entities (Administrators Appointed)

(Collectively “the Group” refer to the schedule of associated entities) (including Island Paradise Resort, Surfers Paradise)

Said Jahani, Philip Campbell-Wilson and Graham Killer were appointed Voluntary Administrators of the Group by a resolution of the Group’s directors on 30 July 2019.

On 1 August 2019, Jason Tracey, Timothy Heenan and Salvatore Algeri of Deloitte were appointed Joint and Several Receivers and Managers of Ralan Paradise Holdings Pty Ltd, Ralan Paradise No. 1 Pty Ltd, Ralan Paradise No. 2 Pty Ltd, Ralan Paradise No. 3 Pty Ltd, Ralan Budds Beach No 1 Pty Ltd and Ruby Apartments Pty Ltd. Any individual who owns an apartment in Ruby Tower 1 or has entered into an agreement to purchase a property in Ruby Tower 2, 3 or Sapphire, should contact Andrew Han of Deloitte on +617 3308 3741 or at in the first instance.

On 5 August 2019, Ken Whittingham was appointed Receiver and Manager of Ralan Paradise Resort Pty Ltd and Ralan Paradise No 4 Pty Ltd. Any trade suppliers or guests of Paradise Resort, Surfers Paradise or individuals who have entered into an agreement to purchase a property in Ruby Tower 4, should contact Kylie Purcell on +617 3023 8700 or at in the first instance.

Please email us at for any other queries.

Documents issued to investors and creditors can be found below:

31 July 2019 - Initial information for creditors

31 July 2019 - Letter to purchasers

9 August 2019 - First Meeting of Creditors presentation

19 August 2019 - Notice of Application to extend Convening Period

27 August 2019 - Notice of Extension of Convening Period

20 August 2019 - Exhibits to Said Jahani Affidavit

20 August 2019 - Affidavit of Said Jahani

21 August 2019 - Affidavit of Eirene Psomas


Information for media:

1 August 2019 - Statement and Q&A

9 August 2019 - Media Statement