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Responding to the Aged Care Royal Commission and maintaining business as usual

Christadelphian Aged Care


Client challenge

Responding to the Royal Commission’s request for every instance of substandard care over the past five years – and action taken to improve services – was a key priority for Christadelphian Aged Care.  

However, against a challenging backdrop of seven care facilities, some with changes of ownership over the five year period, and many staff changes (in line with the industry churn rate of 25%) preparing their responses for the Royal Commission was a daunting task, in addition to maintaining business as usual. 

The solution

Our combination of expertise in Aged Care and experience working with clients to understand the implications of the Financial Services Royal Commission enables our team to understand the issues at hand and deliver rapid and thorough support to Christadelphian Aged Care as they navigate the Aged Care Royal Commission

To identify all instances relating to a complaint or incident of substandard care, our team created structure around the client’s key challenges and used Grant Thornton’s forensic technology in new ways to analyse all paper and electronic databases and registers, across all seven facilities, including email, complaints, industrial issues and performance / HR issues.

The outcome

Christadelphian Aged Care provided detailed and robust submissions, while also meeting the tight response deadline. Also, with tailored forensic software built by Grant Thornton’s technology team, our client has the capability to respond to new queries by the Royal Commission, surfacing relevant data quickly and in an informed manner. We will continue to ensure Christadelphian Aged Care put their best foot forward in the journey to creating a world-class care system in Australia.

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John Picot

John Picot