Education is central to the economic and social prosperity of nations.

This has led to unprecedented demand for education services at all stages from early childhood, though school years to higher education.

But the sector faces many challenges, which affect individual providers, government departments and regulators.

  • Early childhood has to keep pace with demand and the increasing professionalism of the sector
  • Schools must engage an increasingly diverse cohort of students and how to make good systems even better
  • Vocational education must provide diverse pathways and opportunities for lifelong learning
  • Universities are dealing with growth, international student mobility while trying to create true differentiation in the market
  • Governments must work out how to fund all this demand while ensuring the quality of our education systems

At Grant Thornton we appreciate this complexity and have worked at every level of the education systems across the country. We have worked with private and public providers, government departments and regulators.  

Meet our people Ian Brooks

National Head of Public Sector