Real estate & construction

Over the past few years global real estate markets have been characterised by significant change.

Through it all, Australia has maintained its reputation as an attractive destination for overseas investors with its vibrant and open democracy, strong social institutions and first world infrastructure.

A competitive market impacting local investors has developed, in part, due to these factors, and sector growth is dependent on adapting to the trends that drive supply and demand. Organisations need to ensure they are structured, governed and managed in a way that will allow them to respond quickly to the market.

Grant Thornton combines global industry knowledge and local expertise to help real estate firms, developers and construction companies develop existing and new investments and projects, no matter where they are operating. We recognise the importance of managing costs and maximising after-tax returns to get the most out of your resources.

Our real estate and construction team understand the issues that are important to you. Companies come to us to help them raise capital, undertake due diligence, restructure their operations, manage their tax exposure, expand their market share and audit the reporting and internal controls of their business.

Current industry issues:

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