Dealtracker 2016

Paul Gooley Paul Gooley

Analysing M&A activity over the past 18 months we’ve drilled down to find what makes companies successful and attractive to investors.

The data consistently shows that companies with high growth and sought-after services, products or IP are valuable on a global scale, with above-average EBITDA multiples on sale.

Grant Thornton’s Dealtracker analyses the activity in detail:  the volume trends; the values and valuation multiples; the impact of global food security concerns; the changing composition of acquisitions; who the big investors are, and IPO activity.

Our expectations for the next 12 months:

  • Strong, ongoing demand for businesses from offshore acquirers which can be leveraged into home markets
  • Continuing availability of private equity funding for scalable mid-size businesses
  • Strong demand for IT and food-sector businesses
  • Moderation of valuation multiples from the levels seen over the past 18 months
  • Tougher conditions for IPOs, with increased regulatory oversight on disclosure
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