Sue Thomas Non-Executive Director Perth +61 8 9480 2000

Sue has a distinguished career in law, corporate finance and IT as an executive and corporate trustee manager. Sue is also an experienced company director and audit and risk committee chair.

Sue currently serves on a number of boards: with Grant Thornton Australia Limited; PEXA Limited Fitzroy River Holdings; Advance Asset Management Limited; Asgard Capital Management Limited; BT Portfolio Services Limited; Westpac Financial Services Limited and Temple and Webster Limited. Sue also chairs the risk committee and finance committee of Grant Thornton Australia, and is chair of the audit and risk committees for PEXA and Temple and Webster. 

Beginning her career as a corporate lawyer with Freehill, Hollingdale & Page in Sydney, Sue specialised in mergers, acquisitions and advice. During the 1990s, she established and grew FlexiPlan Australia (now MasterKey Custom), a successful investment administration platform sold later to MLC. Sourcing strategic partners, growing administered funds to $1.7 billion, as well as overseeing over 140 staff, Sue’s achievements saw her acknowledged as an industry leader by the financial planning community.

Sue’s skills and interests encompass business processes, their related IT solutions and risk management, as well as IT review and development.

Amid her busy corporate career, Sue is also a Senior Executive Coach at Foresight Global Coaching, working with multinational c-suite executives.