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A friendly outcome for Financial Services

13 May 2015

While the 2015 budget has not been directly focused on financial services, it has taken some clear steps towards supporting growth and competition in the industry through encouragement of innovation, fair competition and technology.

Changes to the GST base marks the beginning of much more to come

13 May 2015

Changes in GST announced tonight, may well only impact offshore digital service companies, but it does signal the start of a long journey that will see GST applied to as many aspects as possible across the broader economy.

R&D in the firing line again

13 May 2015

Grant Thornton is disappointed that hidden in depths of the Budget papers was the signaling of the Government to proceed with the rate reduction of the R&D tax offset by 1.5% . The potential new rates would be 43.5% for the refundable tax offset and 38.5% for the non-refundable tax offset.

Federal Budget overlooks Australia's Life Sciences sector

13 May 2015

Australia's Biotechnology and Life Sciences sector is crying out for further support on innovation and commercialisation if it wants to remain a corner stone of an economy operating in a post mining boom environment. Unfortunately this was overlooked in the 2015 Federal Budget with a lack of any significant measures to encourage commercialisation in Australia.

Crack down on entertainment salary packaging following changes to FBT

13 May 2015

Many Not for Profit organisations have long valued salary packaging as a tool to competitively attract and retain talent across the sector. This muscle has been slightly weakened following measures announced in the Federal Budget that will see a crackdown on the treatment of Fringe Benefit Tax.

Don’t tamper with tax on super

08 May 2015

Australia’s financial services sector has a clear message to the Government ahead of next week’s Federal budget. Think long and hard about any changes to tax on superannuation that will compromise its integrity as Australia’s trusted retirement savings vehicle.

Whistling the profitability tune in manufacturing

08 May 2015

There might be a magic number for Australian manufacturers to hit before they start really optimising profitability, and its sings to the tune of $50 million according to our latest benchmarking analysis.

Action needed to ensure ongoing retail growth

08 May 2015

The Government needs to invest in the retail industry to ensure its ongoing competitiveness and future growth.

Horse has bolted on innovation, now is the time for industry support

06 May 2015

Australia’s Biotechnology and Life Sciences sector needs urgent support on innovation if it wants to remain a corner stone for an economy operating in a post mining boom environment.

Encouraging support for innovation

29 Apr 2015

For those in the business of innovating, ensuring sufficient funding is available has always been a concern.