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Level playing field for local retailers as Government announced low value import threshold to be abolished

04 May 2016

Following a surge in sales of goods from overseas based online retailers the Federal government has announced changes to the low-value import threshold for goods being imported into Australia in the 2016 Budget by extending GST to all imported goods from 1 July 2017. This measure is welcomed news for local retailers as the playing field is levelled for mid-sized businesses competing against foreign players not caught by Australia’s GST net.

"Public Sector Productivity” – no longer an oxymoron

04 May 2016

The government’s announcement of a $500 million public sector productivity fund is welcomed, albeit long overdue. Whilst the government still believes the public service needs to be smaller, it acknowledges that simply slashing staffing levels will no longer deliver an agile public sector equipped to meet the demand for faster, simpler and more efficient service delivery.

Mid-size businesses recognised and supported in 2016-17 Federal Budget

04 May 2016

Tonight’s Federal Budget is a step in the right direction to recognise and support growth for Australia’s 54,000 mid-size businesses. But there is opportunity for more to be done to ensure the engine room of Australia’s economy is supported to succeed in innovation and access new markets; in turn supporting the Government’s economic plan for growth and jobs.

Innovators more confident to undertake research as R&D incentives in question, finally remain untouched

04 May 2016

Australia’s life sciences sector breathed a sigh of relief, welcoming the fact that the Government left the main support for innovation in Australia, the R&D tax incentive, untouched.

Junior miners and explorers not forgotten in the 2016 federal budget

04 May 2016

Grant Thornton is pleased to see that the federal budget includes some support for the junior mining sector, which has suffered significant challenges in recent years. The 2016 federal budget provides A$100 million to Geoscience Australia for mapping mineral, petroleum and groundwater potential in targeted areas across northern Australia and South Australia, with the aim of identifying new greenfield sites for future development.

Manufacturers match made in heaven with invigorated workforce

04 May 2016

Manufacturers have been given a unique opportunity to attract Australia’s youth to the sector which has recently struggled to break down the stereotypical perception about where a manufacturing career might take them.

Agribusiness receives critical infrastructure investment which lays foundation for continued growth in Asia

04 May 2016

Agribusiness receives critical infrastructure investment which lays foundation for continued growth in Asia

Changes uncork competitiveness in the wine industry

02 May 2016

After a two-year industry campaign the Australian Government has agreed to tighten the definition of what constitutes a wine producer and to crackdown on companies making multiple claims under the wine equalisation tax (WET) scheme.

Flex-appeal goes a long way towards workplace happiness: Grant Thornton breaks the mould

27 Apr 2016

It’s no surprise priorities have clearly shifted across all demographics in the workplace* and businesses are rapidly changing to keep up with meeting the challenges around work life balance as well as achieving diversity and workforce participation.

$300bn in cyber breaches: Mid-size business welcomes Cyber Security Strategy

23 Apr 2016

As leading advisors to mid-size business we applaud the Turnbull government for the investment in boosting Australia’s cyber defence, following yesterday’s announcement of its Cyber Security Strategy and investment.