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Outlook brightest for gold juniors

16 Oct 2015

Following another year of volatile and declining commodity prices across the board, most junior mining and exploration companies are doing it tough, but there is good news for gold juniors. Emerging with the brightest prospects, 63% of mining executives see the greatest opportunity over the coming year in the precious metal provides; followed by copper (50%), zinc (36%) and nickel (23%), according to the latest findings from the Grant Thornton 2015 JUMEX survey.

TPP creates growth beyond limitations of local market margin squeeze for professional services

07 Oct 2015

We welcome another global agreement that will encourage growing Australian professional service firms to pursue expansion into overseas markets with the announcement of the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement.

Move on from equal representation and embrace independence

23 Sep 2015

It’s time to ensure better governance supports the $2 trillion in funds managed by the superannuation industry and now is the time to rally support for the Superannuation Legislation Amendment (Governance) Bill 2015 introduced into the House of Representatives last week.

Australia slips from top spot; ranking third on global dynamism index

17 Sep 2015

New research reveals that while global leaders see Australia as a gateway to Asia with business-friendly regulation and an attractive labour market, their propensity to invest is slipping as Australia loses its top ranking down to number three.

Real estate investment driven by gut feeling rather than data

15 Sep 2015

Soft power and gut instinct is driving an estimated US$250bn per year* in overseas real estate investment, a new report by Grant Thornton reveals, showing that feeling rather than data analysis determines many investment decisions.

Speak now or forever hold your peace on innovation

21 Aug 2015

The Government is listening and it’s up to the mid-size businesses of Australia to highlight the importance of research and development (R&D) incentives to foster growth and innovation across the sector.

Burgeoning Queensland market creates 7 senior appointments

05 Aug 2015

As growth advisers to mid-size business, Grant Thornton leads by example, today announcing three new partner hires to expand its advisory offering, adding to a total of seven senior appointments in the burgeoning Queensland market this month.

Revision of board governance vital for growth

16 Jul 2015

Without revision, Australian boards will struggle to meet the diversity of thinking and skills required to effectively advise management teams in meeting the challenges of today’s economy, according to Grant Thornton’s latest report, Corporate governance: the tone from the top.

Grant Thornton further invests in leadership and strengthens its capabilities

11 Jul 2015

As growth advisers to mid-size business, Grant Thornton leads by example, welcoming ten new partners nationally and four principals to join its leadership group for the new financial year.

Record low investment rates ≠ record high investment

11 Jul 2015

The outlook for Australian business investment is fairly weak despite record low interest rates according to the Grant Thornton International Business Report (IBR), a quarterly global survey of 2,580 business leaders.