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A friendly outcome for Financial Services

12 May 2015

While the 2015 budget has not been directly focused on financial services, it has taken some clear steps towards supporting growth and competition in the industry through encouragement of innovation, fair competition and technology.

Budget mixes messages for the tech sector

12 May 2015

Grant Thornton welcomes the Government announcement to continue investment in the digitisation of Government services, providing leadership and supporting growth in the Australian ICT sector. However lack of investment in emerging technologies and plans to act outside a global sector leaves the industry at a bit of loss.

Action needed to ensure ongoing retail growth

07 May 2015

The Government needs to invest in the retail industry to ensure its ongoing competitiveness and future growth.

Whistling the profitability tune in manufacturing

07 May 2015

There might be a magic number for Australian manufacturers to hit before they start really optimising profitability, and its sings to the tune of $50 million according to our latest benchmarking analysis.

Don’t tamper with tax on super

07 May 2015

Australia’s financial services sector has a clear message to the Government ahead of next week’s Federal budget. Think long and hard about any changes to tax on superannuation that will compromise its integrity as Australia’s trusted retirement savings vehicle.

Horse has bolted on innovation, now is the time for industry support

05 May 2015

Australia’s Biotechnology and Life Sciences sector needs urgent support on innovation if it wants to remain a corner stone for an economy operating in a post mining boom environment.

Encouraging support for innovation

28 Apr 2015

For those in the business of innovating, ensuring sufficient funding is available has always been a concern.

New CEO appointed for Grant Thornton effective 1 July 2015

18 Mar 2015

New CEO appointed for Grant Thornton effective 1 July 2015

Australia fails to measure up to Eastern European women in business

04 Mar 2015

Mid-size property developers received a blow today following the Federal Government announcement to implement application fees of at least $5,000 to foreign investors seeking to purchase Australian residential real estate. Those looking to buy in the $1 million plus category will be looking at fees of at least $10,000 simply to have their FIRB application looked at.

Little known ways to avoid reliance on supermarkets & combat margin squeeze

03 Mar 2015

We’re pleased to see protection mechanisms secured for Australian food producers this week; with the introduction of a Government supported code of conduct between supermarkets and suppliers.