When it comes to Asia expansion, mid-size businesses must apply the same strategic thinking as for other investments, and then some.

Complimentary half day workshop for mid-size business leaders

Matching products and services to the best markets, adapting supply chains and developing cultural capabilities are among the many factors which impact success on Asian markets. 

As mid-size business’ growth advisor of choice, Grant Thornton Australia helps companies explore expansion opportunities, identify critical success factors, and determine the key next steps to becoming fit for growth in Asia.

We have brought together our knowledge of Asian markets and our experience supporting mid-size businesses with pragmatic advice in order to tailor an interactive Asia strategy workshop for leadership teams: Fit for growth in Asia: Explore the potential.

This half day workshop is delivered by our experienced Asia Practice advisors, and is complimentary for mid-size business leadership teams. As one of the first steps to expanding your business to Asia, this workshop will enable you to:

  • Explore the opportunity.
  • Identify the critical success factors.
  • Determine key next steps.
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