Asia will contribute over 60% of global growth this year. The region is home to the fastest growing middle class: a tech savvy and brand sensitive audience with increasing amounts of disposable income.

It is also a melting pot of cultures and levels of economic development fit for a wide range of trading and investment opportunities.

Yet Australian mid-size businesses are generally Asia-shy. Multinationals discovered the potential of Asian markets as far as 20 years ago; some have weathered epic failures, while others are by now landmarks across the region. However, mid-size businesses remain wary of expanding their operations to or even trading on Asian markets.

At Grant Thornton Australia we believe that mid-size businesses should choose Asia as a path to sustainable growth. We also understand, having supporting many clients throughout the geographical expansion process, that confidence and capability are built over time, and that mid-size businesses need a growth coach with the knowledge, tools and savvy to get them fit for Asia.

How does Grant Thornton act as your growth coach?

We support you to:

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Build confidence in Asia

We share success stories, and provide food for thought on what your business can achieve on Asian markets.

Explore the possibilities

We help you explore potential markets, and discover what products or services and delivery capabilities you need to be successful in Asia.

Set objectives

We support you in defining your individual expansion strategy and implementation timeline.

Train for success

We provide recommendations on how to boost your operational model, obtain financing, and recruit Asia-capable talent.

Get in the ring

We support the implementation of your geographical expansion plan, and help you further optimise operations and financial modelling.