We offer Family Services because we appreciate that families and their businesses are complex, and consulting to them requires a unique understanding and skillset. Grant Thornton has a history of working with family business clients across generations, and we understand the dynamics of families in business.

The founders of family business, and those who continue the tradition, have often risked everything to create something special. There are hours, days and months of sweat – not to mention tears – that have gone into what you’re now proud to call yours.  

Because it’s a fact that some decisions are those of the heart and not the head – Grant Thornton get that; and this is where our family business specialists can assist.  We understand that successful families with substantial assets need a plan that prepares the next generation for the responsibility and stewardship that comes with managing the family’s assets. 

Family governance and communication

When a family is in business together it’s sometimes difficult to separate family from business issues.  Open communication and using the appropriate governance forums is key to creating family harmony and business continuity.  

Our accredited family business specialists are there to help align your family, business and owner interests to achieve your goals.  They are experienced in facilitating family meetings, establishing family councils and developing family charters / constitutions to address the unique dynamics of families in business.

Transition planning

Navigating the challenges facing family businesses as they transition to the next generation can test the most experienced.  Transition planning is a process, not an event. Forward planning is vital for ongoing success. With informed advice from our family office specialists and adequate planning and implementation beforehand, we’ll help you map out optimum succession outcomes for you, your business and your wealth.

Estate planning

Estate planning is about much more than wills and who gets what when.  It’s about your values as well as your valuables.  We respect your wishes and work with you to ensure outcomes are what you’d like for those you love.

While few things are certain, we’ll ensure the important things are covered, with estate plans that bring clarity to the transfer and ownership of your assets.

Philanthropic management

Philanthropy is an integral part of a complete financial and estate plan if you wish to leave a legacy to family and the community while achieving tax advantages.   It provides a forum for family democracy and intergenerational decision-making, personal growth and offers a way to give something back that is richly rewarding.  Given the range of information available it can also be difficult to find the best options to suit you. Wherever you are in your journey, Grant Thornton’s advisors can help you, with compliance and strategic tax-effective advice on structured charitable giving both in your lifetime and as a legacy.

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