In today’s globalised and volatile business environment organisations need to be smarter and leaner than ever before.

It’s critical to remain focused and responsive to market demands. Leaders need to ensure they attract and retain the best people for the right roles to remain competitive and innovative. Grant Thornton engages with business leaders to build and foster a resilient and collaborative workforce equal to the task.

Our Leadership, Talent & Culture team has extensive experience working with leaders to shape and deliver on their employee strategy. They bring a deep understanding of the complex issues leaders face in achieving the right outcomes.

Whether your focus is on enhanced results, high performing teams, future leader development or aligning your people to the business strategy, our consultants are ready to assist you achieve your business objectives.

Leaders within organisations we’ve worked with value our skills and know we make a difference. We’ve partnered with many clients; provided them with market-leading expertise to help them grow and succeed, and, during tough times, been there with them.

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What we do

We help our clients grow by designing and facilitating leadership, talent and cultural transformation programs that bring out the very best in people. Using our unique combination of business and organisational transformation skills and experience, our team:

  1. Designs and delivers cultural transformation programs to help organisations thrive and grow by building values-based cultures aligned directly to their strategy
  2. Designs and delivers innovative, highly experiential and transformational leadership programs building the confidence and capability of leaders for today’s challenges and tomorrows opportunities
  3. Places leaders, team members and customers at the heart of the strategic and business planning process
  4. Delivers affordable and professional HR solutions and advice when it matters most
  5. Helps you to attract and retain the best people to achieve your firm’s strategic goals.

Building blocks of corporate culture

A good culture should not only be good on paper – it should work for, and be felt by, everyone.

Financial institutions and Regulators in Australia are talking about culture and more specifically risk culture.

Around the world, the issue of corporate culture is receiving increased regulatory attention as a foundation of good governance. As a result, the issue has arguably never been as high up the business agenda as it is today.

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