Growing businesses across Australia have something in common: they make smart use of technology to support innovation, streamline processes and enhance profitability.

Grant Thornton’s Technology Advisory team effectively acts as a mid-size business innovation partner: we support organisations to develop, implement and review technology strategies, systems and processes aligned with their business goals; optimise processes and organisational architecture, and to select and deploy flexible and cost-efficient cloud technology.

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Technology advisory services

Our team supports mid-size organisations to returns design, execute and optimise their digital transformation strategies. Rather than bet on historic success, we believe organisations should strive to become either disruptors, or immune to disruption, by integrating technology in their DNA.

Grant Thornton partners with mid-size businesses throughout each phase of the digital transformation journey: designing a digital strategy, scoping requirements, supporting smart procurement, implementing for success and optimising ROI from IT investments. Our services are tailored to industry specifics, and our approach is based on flexibility and responsiveness.

To ensure that organisations are successful in their digital transformation initiatives, we apply a step-by-step process leading organisations from strategy to implementation, and continuous optimisation. 

Our services include:

How we help clients

Grant Thornton’s Technology Advisory team leverages the delivery experience and in-depth industry knowledge to support growing businesses throughout their digital transformation journeys. As an innovation partner we provide not only tools and techniques, but a results-oriented framework for your wider IT operations.

Our team members bring significant, hands-on skills and experience in providing technology and operational solutions to the public and private sector. This unique combination of professional service skills and hands-on experience allows us to deliver reliable, cost-efficient and fit-for-purpose solutions grounded in industry best practice.

We can also provide expert support on an hourly-basis where required. Our flexible plans allow you to select the assignment duration and adapt your spending. At an operational or strategic level, we’ll focus on ensuring that immediate business needs are met and long-term business goals are identified and planned for.