A critical thinking space for business leaders.

In today’s uncertain business world business leaders must be able to learn to adapt faster than the rate of change in their markets.

But this prevailing climate of uncertainty increases the pressure on leaders to spend their time “in” the business addressing day-to-day activities that drive today’s performance and results, making it difficult to find sufficient headroom to spend “on” the business, considering how best to make the right changes that lead to sustainable growth and success.

The pace of change and the compelling need for business leaders to adapt can be overwhelming. What is the right decision? Who do I listen to? Where can I get help?

Sustaining and growing value comes from making the right strategic choices and then aligning the business model, stakeholder requirements, management, communications and risk management to those choices.

Uncertainty demands a focused but creative response on what matters most to you.

That’s why Grant Thornton has developed the CEO Room.

Managing Partner - Financial Advisory