Our payments advisory team provides clients with the ability to streamline and optimise their payments processing arrangements to significantly reduce one of their top five costs of doing business while enhancing the customer experience and driving loyalty.

Grant Thornton’s Payment Advisory team is the only payments team that is led by payments experts with extensive experience in both the retail operations and banking sectors. They have experience negotiating payment solutions with payments providers on behalf of retailers and implementing payments technology solutions.

Payments experts. Retail experience

Led by Dhun Karai, and supported by Stuart Haughey, our Payments Advisory team has unique end-to-end skills and experience in payments across the retail and banking sectors. They have built and operated one of the largest payments acceptance systems in Australia and negotiated complex contracts with all the main players. They have strong network relationships with banks, card issuers, acquirers and processors, industry associations, global merchants, Fintech's, the RBA and APCA.

Preparing for a future of invisible payments

Grant Thornton’s payment advisory team works with clients on all aspects of their payments processes and loyalty programs, from a simple review of current payment contracts right through to conducting RFP processes for new payments relationships and the implementation of new payments technologies.

Cost management

  • Reviewing complex payments contracts and fees

Payments strategy

  • Developing payments acceptance strategies and roadmaps
  • Developing payments technology strategies and roadmaps
  • Advising on payments networks and players to enhance customer experience, drive revenue and reduce costs.
  • Running and supporting RFT/RFP processes for new payments / banking relationships.
  • Advising on domestic and international payments markets.
  • Advising on the integration of payments with other retail systems. For example, loyalty systems, POS, accounting software, stock management.
  • Advising on customer loyalty programs.


  • Maximising opportunities available with the new RBA regulations.
  • Facilitating the establishment of retail buying groups and negotiating contracts on the group’s behalf.

Revenue generation

  • Advising on payment solutions that drive revenue through simpler customer payments processes and increased customer service.
  • Advising on ‘cash out’ strategies.
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Time to take advantage of the payments regulation changes coming into effect

The Reserve Bank of Australia’s changes to the cards and payments regulations set to come into effect on 01 July 2017 will come as welcome news for retailers.