Our Performance improvement team helps businesses develop effective operations powered by profitable business strategies.

An organisation can only implement its strategy – be profitable, serve its customers, undertake a transaction, expand – if its current and future operations support its growth plans.

We work with clients to test current operational structures and ensure they reflect their profitable business and growth strategies, and establish where and how a more cost-effective and efficient structure can be implemented.

We also help clients to respond swiftly to market changes, identify growth opportunities, minimise costs and help business leaders analyse their businesses to find opportunities for performance improvements that will lead to growth and an improved profit position.

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How we can help you

Operational deal services

Our team provides practical advice to ensure the greatest possible outcome and value from business transactions. Providing an integrated approach to supporting your M&A journey, we work with you through all stages of the deal to maximise deal value and performance, through a robust approach to strategic planning, stakeholder engagement, value mapping and change management.

Driving value

Our team provides clients with leading performance and profit improvement solutions through their expertise of solving complex cost, efficiency and profitability challenges. With origins and a wealth of expertise in retail, our GNC Group team understands the problems and challenges businesses face right across the entire value chain and draws upon this experience to design, build and implement bespoke solutions to complex challenges across any industry.

Operating model transformation

Delivering on strategy inevitably requires changes to be made to the operating model – and such change can be highly disruptive if not managed well. We support leadership teams in both public and private sectors to improve operational effectiveness and efficiency to deliver change management programs which minimise disruption and optimise results.

Accessing government funding

State and Federal government policies change regularly depending on the political climate, election cycle and state of the budget. Understanding the myriad of government-backed grants and similar schemes available for businesses is complex. Our team works with clients to identify the best government and industry-focused programs to leverage their position, the preparation of formal funding applications and conducting the compliance reporting and monitoring required under many government programs.