Supporting businesses in making great technology choices.

Technology is increasingly important to Australia’s mid-size businesses. From fuelling innovation to streamlining operations and from enabling geographical expansion to fostering talent, fit-for-purpose technology is no longer an option, but a requirement for growth.

Grant Thornton's Technology Advisory & Solutions team presents Digital Dialogue: a series of seminars on business technology to help companies cut through the jargon. Each session is designed to provide a 360-degree view on critical business issues, along with real-life examples and practical tips.

This event series is produced exclusively for CEOs, COOs, CFOs and key finance personnel.

Event calendar

A future view of your business

Wednesday 21 September – register now

Accurate financial modelling and reporting are key to success, whether you are engaging in mergers and acquisitions, planning an IPO or negotiating long-term funding. Find out how similar mid-size businesses are turning financial modelling into a competitive advantage and also where these models sometimes fall short.

Building a proactive risk management and compliance culture

Wednesday 24 August - register now.

Creating a risk informed culture is critical for today’s mid-size businesses. With challenges ranging from financial uncertainty to changing regulations, and from cyber fraud to reputational damage, businesses need to manage enterprise risk and their compliance in order to grow sustainably.

Join us for this important Digital Dialogue where the conversation will focus on providing recommendations to build an informed risk culture. Planning the right processes and systems to manage risk efficiently can become a real corporate asset.

Presentations will feature:

  • Building a resilient risk culture – How can mid-size business successfully embed risk management strategies and proactive compliance into their organisation DNA? Mark Griffiths – National Head of Business Risk Services, Grant Thornton
  • Technology: an ally in managing risk smartly – How can technology be utilised to drive risk and compliance? Turning systems into a competitive advantage in driving sustainable growth? Alex Gelman – National Head of Technology Advisory & Solutions, Grant Thornton

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Past events

Optimising budgeting, forecasting and reporting

Wednesday, 20 April
A session dedicated to finance professionals seeking to streamline budget and reporting processes and to use dynamic forecasting within their organisations.

Making great choices within your business

Wednesday, 8 June
Grant Thornton’s tax, risk and technology experts will provide practical tips on making informed IT procurement decisions, funding innovation, and managing business risks.

New age, new threats: Cyber risk in focus

Wednesday, 20 July
Grant Thornton is delighted to partner with Jones Day for a session exclusively dedicated to managing emerging cyber exposures within the mid-size business context.

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