Grant Thornton’s technology experts provide project scoping, management and audit services with a key focus on deliverables, cost control and change management.

Successful outcomes depend on flawless project management. This is especially true in the technology area, where significant investments are required to select, purchase and implement IT solutions.

Technology leaders face a complex set of challenges, including rising business and user expectations, pressure to deliver cost-efficient solutions, stringent governance and risk management requirements and the need to deliver stable and available technology for business-critical processes.

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The challenges that can negatively impact project outcomes include:

  • underestimating project complexity, particularly in technology and processes
  • misaligning the IT strategy with business plans and objectives
  • providing an inadequate budget
  • assigning resources unrealistically
  • insufficient communication and change management experience.

Our services

  • Strategic project management – we lead programs and projects through a structured, people-focused process. We closely analyse the business case, focusing on stakeholder value.
  • Applying a set of proven planning and monitoring tools that enable tracking of deliverables, resources, costs and benefits. We define the project scope, monitor the technology and operational content and provide detailed work stream plans.
  • Communications and change management; aligning people with processes.
  • Ensuring the project is sufficiently resourced with fit-for-purpose leaders, teams and governance structures in place.
  • Post-mortem reviews.
  • Operational recovery.

How we help clients

Our experts know that delivering successful projects on time and within budget means mastering all project dimensions. Successful projects adhere closely to business plans and have a clear set of objectives and benefits. They’re staffed by effective teams that have a multi-functional scope. As experienced project and change managers we know that cost, people, outcomes and resources condition project success.