Owner's Room

A critical thinking space for business owners

The Owner’s Room gives owners time and space to think critically about their role and provides a framework designed to bring clarity to their ambition.

Leadership research shows that clarity will do more to unlock the discretionary effort of your key stakeholders – the people who have the greatest impact on delivering your goals – than anything else.

As an owner, it is critical that you provide your stakeholders – whether that is other owners, family members, the board, management team, customers or employees – with clarity about your values, your ambitions and their role in achieving these.

However, we recognise that addressing the day-to-day demands of owning a business makes it difficult to prioritise time to reflect on your role as an owner.

That’s why Grant Thornton has developed the Owner’s Room.

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How does the Owner’s Room work?

The discipline underlying the success of the Owner’s Room is the time we spend planning.

We take time to learn about the owner, the business, its market, competition and disruptive influences – and overlay this with our own research and insights.

We focus on looking at the business from its stakeholder’s standpoint – customers, suppliers, people and investors/lenders – as well as from an owner’s personal lens. We consider the business and owner’s journey and ambitions in a competitive environment; challenge the assumptions that underlay that ambition; define the promises the business needs to make to its stakeholders and, most importantly, determine the way in which the leader(s) need to change in order to deliver necessary change.

This help us deliver a tailored, highly engaging session that will result in an aligned, engaged and motivated team.

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Our capability 

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