"Get to Grant Thornton sooner."

Tony Windle - Partner

“My advice: get to Grant Thornton sooner.”

What led you to Grant Thornton?

Before working here, I was one of a very large group of partners and directors at a big four firm. As you can imagine, there were more limited opportunities for career progression and recognition. Grant Thornton promised more breathing room, the ability to shape the practice and an opportunity to move into other practice areas.

Has the firm delivered on that promise?

Absolutely. I started here in July 2012 as a GST specialist but soon became the APAC indirect tax lead, and am now Chair of the global committee for indirect tax. Over the last 18 months, I have also helped build the Grant Thornton Malaysia GST practice from scratch into a credible market offering

What do you like about working at Grant Thornton?

It’s fun. You’re given license to just get on with it and try things you think will work. Other firms don’t give you that level of agency. I’ve found it really liberating and it’s allowed me to get things done at Grant Thornton that I wouldn’t have been able to achieve in the same amount of time elsewhere.

How important has collaboration been in your experience here?

It’s been absolutely essential, particularly with the Malaysia practice. We’ve got people there from all over the world working closely with the local team to ready our clients for the Malaysian GST this year. We have our work cut out for us, but Grant Thornton’s focus on openness and communication breaks down so many productivity barriers – again, it’s liberating.

What advice would you offer people of your experience looking for opportunities in Australia?

Get to Grant Thornton sooner! We’re very focused on encouraging diversity, collaboration and innovative ideas. So we tend to attract people who are keen to share ideas and think differently. Grant Thornton values good people – if that’s you, you’ll have much more opportunity to be relevant and make a difference here.

Imagine you’re a superhero in a graphic novel about indirect tax – what’s your superpower?

The ability to make time stand still! I spent more than 100 days travelling last year but I’ve been able to deliver great outcomes to my clients in that time.