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Government departments and agencies are facing an unprecedented demand for services coupled with increased budgetary pressures; the pressure to deliver more with less.

These pressures combined with the ever increasing requirement for greater transparency and accountability presents unique challenges for Government agencies.

At Grant Thornton we understand these challenges often drive significant organisational transformation and the need to review and change structures, strategies and service delivery models to improve performance.

Grant Thornton's dedicated Public Sector advisory group specialise in delivering services to our Government clients. We recognise the importance of servicing the Government lifecycle from initial policy development and research through to final review and evaluation. Our key Government services include:

  • Policy and Program Development - strategy, guideline and framework development
  • Program Implementation - change management, program & project management
  • Risk and Financial Assurance - independent certification, risk identification & assessment, control design & assurance
  • Program Reviews - funding & price reviews, business case development, performance and compliance management, financial assessment, business and operating model development
  • Machinery of Government - service integration, business process improvement, organisational transformation & change and service cost modelling

Our broad expertise allows us to address a wide variety of challenges in each area across federal and jurisdictional departments and agencies.

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