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Common industry issues and trends

Industry leader Sian Sinclair

National Head of Real Estate & Construction

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Over the past few years global real estate markets have been characterised by significant change.

Global economics, urbanisation, shifting demographics, the drive for sustainability and the advent of technology all demand a dynamic response from Australian businesses seeking to capitalise on new opportunities.

Calling the right moment to apply or withdraw resources in different sectors and regions is vital. Drawing on our industry expertise, we will work with you to successfully anticipate and navigate the turns of this cyclical industry, including helping to structure, scenario plan, manage costs and compliance risks, and finance growth.

Our real estate & construction team help our clients to grow and build inspiring places to live, work and play.

Industry trends

Going global

 Going global in search of stable yields


Corporate real estate

 Reading the shift demand in corporate real estate


Greener homes

  Building greener homes and offices


Tracking the shift

 Tracking the shift to the cities


Changing society

 Building homes for a changing society


Securing advantage Securing advantage through innovation

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What our clients are saying about us...

"While maintaining their professional integrity and independence, our relationship with Grant Thornton continues to add value to our business. The team show genuine interest in our business and industry sector and their approach provides confidence to both the business and Board that our reported financial and tax outcomes are accurate."

Craig Mortensen, Chief Financial Officer - BMD Group

The impact of technology on the real estate and construction industry

Technology is having a major impact on the real estate and construction industry. Sian Sinclair, our National Head of Real Estate and Construction, discusses how the industry is responding and evolving.

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