How it affects your business

The traditional ways of financing operations are being squeezed by risk-averse lenders. This makes it hard to control costs, and creates pressure to improve operational efficiencies.

Creativity and open-mindedness are needed when seeking funds. Venture capital and other sources should be considered, along with selling non-core assets and capital market transactions.

How Grant Thornton can help

We can:

  • negotiate on your behalf with creditors and investors
  • help you plan a public listing, spin-off or reorganisation
  • introduce you to providers of capital and joint venture partners
  • help you access government funds
  • advise you on IPOs and private funding
  • help you manage debt and poorly performing assets
  • conduct due diligence on businesses for merger or purchase
  • assess opportunities, support investment plans, and help you access tax credits and R&D grants
  • help you create growth plans