Insight 2022 Fringe Benefits Tax updates
As the Fringe Benefits Tax year finishes and we run down to the EOFY, it is a good time to update and recap on FBT developments.
Could this be the Era of Science-informed Policy?
New COVID-19 variants remain a risk for all world economies and this uncertainty has the potential to impact business confidence and investment
What's in store for retailers expanding overseas
In this podcast, Tax Partners Michael Catterall and Lorena Sosa discuss aspects Australian businesses should consider when exploring new international markets,
Queensland is open for industry investment and growth
Focused on post-COVID recovery, Queensland is actively investing in industry to promote growth and create jobs in the state. There are four key funding
Insight Aged Care 2022 – the pressure remains on
As we commence 2022, the outlook for the aged care sector remains as clouded as it was at the beginning of 2021.
Insight Fringe Benefits Tax implications of flexible work
Businesses and employees have embraced the positive impact of working from home and the value in being agile in response to potential restrictions or COVID-19
Insight ATO review season – be prepared
Unprecedented Government spending has resulted in unmatched ATO activity. So how can companies be prepared for when the inevitable ATO letter arrives?
Insight WA to open up: Operating your business in this new and changing landscape
We explore how your business can best be ready when the WA borders finally reopen on 5 February 2022.
Insight COVID building boom: who’s likely to be stung?
We explore the different market segments in the construction industry during the COVID building boom to better understand the profile of industry participants
Podcast Planning is crucial for businesses after lockdown
Extended lockdowns have made for a challenging time for Australian businesses – but a new kind of normality is nearly on the horizon.
Insight Jab jitters: retailers grapple with vax rules
Sydney’s lockdown ended overnight, with midnight haircuts, gym sessions and early morning shopping queues highlighting the enormous relief felt across the
Insight Sustainability: mining’s greatest aspiration
It was clear from the Diggers and Dealers Mining Forum last week that post-COVID recovery, and driving more sustainable practices and supply chains, including

Latest COVID news

WA expands COVID-19 business support with $67 million package

24 Feb 2022

With Western Australia’s border due to open on 3 March when the State is forecasted to reach its 70% vaccination rate, the McGowan Government has released $67 million in stimulus measures for business affected by COVID-19 on 24 February.

VIC Government releases new business stimulus package from March 1

24 Feb 2022

A range of VIC State Government stimulus packages have been announced to boost the economy starting from March 1.

Patent box regime for medical and biotechnology patents - legislation introduced

13 Feb 2022

The Federal Government introduced the much anticipated “patent box regime” rules into Parliament on 10 February 2022, as announced in the Federal Budget 2021-22.

Relief packages explained for NSW businesses hit during the latest wave of COVID

31 Jan 2022

In response to soaring COVID case numbers and the ramifications of self-imposed lockdowns during the last few months, the NSW State Government has announced relief is now available in a $1 billion COVID rescue package.

Extension to SME Recovery Loan Scheme

13 Dec 2021

The Federal Government has announced the extension to the SME Recovery Loan Scheme by an extra six months, taking it to 30 June 2022.

NSW announces investment in tourism and events

19 Oct 2021

NSW continues to heavily invest in its Economic Recovery Strategy in an effort to boost the economy.