Webinar - Mon 16 Nov

Optimise your back office to improve value and focus on efficiency

Higher education & schools: Optimise your back office to improve value and focus on efficiency

Monday 16 November 2020

12:30pm - 1:30pm AEDT

Higher education and schools are faced with an economic period that will see pressure on future enrolments and competition intensify to attract students.

This presents an opportunity to refocus and consider the manner in which your back-office functions operate or have evolved over time to deliver the intended value. How can you maintain or reduce costs and achieve better outcomes at the same time?

It is imperative to review the way 'back office' teams function (e.g. student administration, finance, marketing, human resources and technology) and are supporting strategy, core education delivery and business management.

At the same time there is an opportunity to undertake reviews of expenditure- identifying opportunities for smarter purchasing.

Join our education experts for a free webinar as they provide practical tips for your school or higher ed workplace.

They will discuss how to:

  • Transform back-office teams into enabling teams to improve service levels and the bottom-line
  • Apply key activities to improve your team’s performance
  • Appropriately plan and implement people changes in your school or higher ed workplace including workplace law considerations

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