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Aligning technology with your organisational strategy

Ian Renwood

For your technology to align with your organisational strategy, focus on what you build and how you build it.

This was a key insight we heard from Claire Rogers, Managing Partner, Mentor List CEO Advisory in this webinar on “aligning technology with your organisational strategy” with Ian Renwood, Partner and National Head of Technology Consulting at Grant Thornton Australia.

What you build

  • Delving into the data of your customer behaviour often reveals whether your technology is delivering to your strategy. The data is rich in clues that may push your strategy in to a different direction to meet the needs of your customers. Leverage insights from customer behaviour to form your strategy.
  • Choose what’s important for your strategy from those insights – you can’t do everything at once.
  • Identify core competencies and capabilities needed and how these could be scaled.

Claire and Ian stressed the importance of aligning technology with your organisational strategy from the outset and ensuring regular reviews take place. Your customer insights are your greatest tool to drive strategic conversations between business and technology leaders.

Watch our webinar with Claire Rogers and Ian Renwood, as they dive deep into the ‘how’ of building technology that meets the delivery of your strategy and provides value to your customers.

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