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Cultivating growth

Cultivating growth: how the agribusiness, food & beverage industries can meet a growing and global demand

Despite generational droughts, floods, trade wars and global pandemics, the Australian agribusiness, food & beverage sector has been remarkably resilient – and regularly, the envy of the world. With this also comes significant global demand on the industry, which is expected to grow. In fact, farm gate industry output is expected to grow from $59billion to $100billion by 2030. But this is only achievable if post farm output also grows.

So how will the industry – and its players – meet these ambitious targets? What are the opportunities to chase, but also what is needed to do so?

Watch on-demand as we bring together our industry experts to cover the opportunities for the sector, as well as the roles innovation and policy play in supporting the Australian businesses within the sector to meet this demand and grow.