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In Focus: Share-based Payments

In recent years, Share-based Payments have become an increasingly common method of incentivising employees, especially senior management.

For many entities, it forms a critical component of their employee retention and reward scheme, especially as they seek to meet ambitious growth targets.

The accounting for this remuneration is highly complex – whether it be the income tax, valuation, or pattern of recognition – and minor changes in wording can have significant implications. As we move towards a general purpose world and transition away from special purpose financial statements, entities will be required to recognise their share compensation in accordance with accounting standards.

Watch our webinar to understand the different forms of Share-based Payment, common issues that may arise, how to measure these payments and optimise their tax effectiveness.

Who is this suitable for?

Our webinar is suitable for Directors, Audit Committee members, Chief Financial Officers, Financial Controllers, and Finance Managers.