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Optimising the Modern Manufacturing Initiative (MMI)

The Federal Government $1.3bn Modern Manufacturing Initiative (MMI) has shown a clear recognition that Australia needs to focus and do a better job of commercialising its capability and scaling up manufacturing to optimise domestic and global supply chain opportunities.

It’s also shone a spotlight on six priority sub-sectors: Space; Medical products; Resources technology and critical minerals processing; Food and beverage; Recycling and clean energy; and Defence.

Watch our panel of experts discuss:

  • The significance of the MMI for Australian businesses
  • Types of projects being funded and where the opportunities lie
  • The MMI roadmaps and what direction they’re providing for the sectors in the years to come
  • What this all means for the other manufacturers and associated sectors not directly aligned to the six priority sub-sectors
  • Role of state government and private sector to influence growth
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Modern Manufacturing Initiative

The Federal Government has opened applications under the $1.3bn Modern Manufacturing Initiative (MMI). This is the most generous funding program the Government will embark upon to support local manufacturers and is aimed at supporting larger projects to get up and running as quickly as possible.

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