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Dr Ian Norton on reopening your workplace

As business leaders, you have a responsibility for the health of your people, the continuity of service to your clients and customers, and to the health of your business.

Proactively managing all of this can be incredibly hard when the COVID tide turns quickly: we have seen community transmission shut down whole cities in a matter of weeks and a single “super spreader” has the potential to infect hundreds.

In this webinar, Grant Thornton CEO Greg Keith and emergency response expert, Founder and Managing Director of Respond Global Dr Ian Norton discuss how communicable diseases – like COVID-19 – spread, and how businesses can build a practical and bespoke plan to mitigate and manage the daily impact of COVID-19 on your people, stakeholders and operations.

Dr Norton is a specialist emergency physician and a global infectious disease expert and is now at the forefront of Australian governments’ and organisations’ response to COVID-19. He will share his insights for managing your operations against an ever-changing risk level while maintaining business continuity.

What we covered:

  • Adapting your organisation and being prepared for if and when COVID-19 impacts on your business.
  • Developing a strategy for how you reopen and transition your people back to work, including a flexible approach that allows you to phase in and out with minimal commercial impacts.
  • Creating clear communication for your people that work within your systems but draws from the science and real-time, localised COVID-19 data.
  • Understanding the practical rules businesses must account for to mitigate the health and business risks.
  • Hearing about real-life scenarios from a range of industries currently being managed by Dr Norton, including Grant Thornton’s own experience transitioning back to the office and into our clients’ premises.
Dr Ian Norton

About Dr Ian Norton

Dr Ian Norton, founder and Managing Director of Respond Global, is a specialist emergency physician and a global infectious disease expert with post-graduate qualifications in Surgery, International Health and Tropical Medicine. Ian was head of the WHO’s Emergency Medical Team (EMT) Initiative in Geneva from 2014-20. During this time, he led responses to Ebola, Diphtheria and Measles outbreaks as well as to earthquakes, cyclones, and war zones. Ian is the lead author of the current WHO Global Classification and Standards for medical teams deploying to disasters. Ian established Respond Global as a social enterprise in early 2020 with the aim of empowering others to be able to plan, prepare and respond to health emergencies in their own countries. He and his team are currently assisting numerous organisations during the COVID pandemic, providing strategic and practical operational support about how to be COVID-Safe now and into the future. Ian led the medical response to the crew quarantine aboard the Ruby Princess and is currently assisting the Australian Government to address the aged care crisis in Victoria. Current clients are in the cruise, beef, higher education, fitness, humanitarian, and corporate sectors, and are spread across Australasia, Africa, Europe and the US. Continue reading

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