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How did the resources sector fare in the Federal Budget?

How did the resources sector fare in the Federal Budget?

Although it has been subject to inconsistent funding over the past decade, Australia’s energy and resources sector has shown remarkable stability. The sector is fundamental to our economy. In response to COVID-19, it’s clear the sector will have an important role to play in job creation, sovereign capability and “growing” out of the recession.

With this increased focus it’s important to understand what level of government support might be available to you – and how to take advantage of it.

In this webinar we discuss how the announcements made during last month’s Federal Budget might impact your business, and what opportunities may arise.

This session will be supported by case studies to highlight the proposed incentives and their benefits.

Looking back to look forward

Over the last 10 years, there’s been a lack of consistency in policy and investment in the energy sector. The Federal Government has now stated that reliable energy will be critical to Australia’s future economic prosperity. The Government’s $18b Technology Investment Roadmap and additional $1.9b renewable energy package is exciting progress – now we need efficient and streamlined regulations and a consistent national framework of implementation to allow Australia to become a renewable energy leader.

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