Tax Governance and the ATO's Next 5000 Program

The ATO recently announced the commencement of its “Next 5,000 Program” as part of its ‘Justified Trust’ approach to obtain assurance as to how businesses are managing tax risks and what internal processes are in place to ensure they are paying the right amount of tax.

This Program is an expansion of the ATO’s existing strategic Streamlined Assurance Review (SAR) projects now with greater focus on private companies.

In this webinar we will share our insights around these SAR’s. Our experts will discuss:

  • The latest developments and findings from the ATO’s tax governance reviews
  • Expectations outlined by the ATO and our experiences over the last phases of the programme
  • Tax considerations to help you prepare, including corporate and indirect tax, trusts and unusual tax structures
  • The four main focus areas of the SAR: governance, risks, new and significant transactions and book to tax
  • Why organisations need to start preparing now and preempt the ATO's review
  • Where to next with tax governance

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