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Parliament set to provide explorers much needed investment incentive today

04 Dec 2014

More explorers should take a closer look at the incentive being introduced to parliament today to unlock the potential for more investment in greenfield explorations – the trouble is, many don’t know enough about the incentive and how to maximise its benefits.

FTA fast tracks Australia’s mid-size sector

20 Nov 2014

Mid-sized businesses are set to emerge the big winners of the FTA with China. New markets opening up in education, hospitality, aged care, services and agricultural produce, are dominated by mid-sized businesses known for their agility, adaptability and capacity to build long-term trusted relationships, so critical for Chinese trade.

Property developers substantiate claims to abolish stamp duty

19 Nov 2014

Tax reform is on the agenda and the property industry has spoken on key issues crippling growth across the sector and what they want to see from tax reform, according to the latest Real Estate & Construction Industry Insights Report from Grant Thornton.

Are our food & agri producers best positioned to take advantage of the FTA with China?

17 Nov 2014

Australia’s beef, dairy and wine producers have emerged clear winners with Australia and China today signing a historic free trade agreement.

Manufacturers to increase relevance in China’s supply chain

17 Nov 2014

The Australian manufacturing industry should turn its focus to its role in supporting Chinese investment and how it can become a pivotal part of China’s supply chain ahead of the outcome of the Free Trade Agreement with China to be signed this afternoon.

Everyone’s a winner as coal tariffs set to be removed

17 Nov 2014

As Australian coal exporters await the possibility of tariff removals in the Free Trade Agreement with China this afternoon, Grant Thornton Energy & Resources Partner, Brock Mackenzie thinks the proposed agreement is not only a win for local exporters, but also the broader Chinese economy.

Mid-size businesses pay the price on profit shifting

12 Nov 2014

While global leaders are firmly focused on reigning in tax planning activities of the large multi-nationals, the ATO has today played its part to curb the profit shifting, announcing a new ruling that will adversely impact our mid-sized enterprises that are innovating and growing internationally.

Growth sectors driving confidence in Australia's deals market

11 Nov 2014

Conditions are improving as growth sectors drive market confidence, signalling now is the prime time to plan for acquisitions or selling a business as the market finally recovers, according to the latest findings in the Grant Thornton Dealtracker 2014.

Australia outranks global peers in sustainable practices

16 Oct 2014

Australia outranks its global peers in recognising the cost benefits of sustainable practices making positive impacts to long term growth strategies, according to Grant Thornton’s International Business Report (IBR).

Aussie business gains helping hand to compete & grow

14 Oct 2014

Announced today, the Federal Government proposes new rules that will significantly improve Australia’s global competitiveness to secure top talent for industries developing big ideas.