A financial model can make or break a business or investment, so it has to be sound.

Grant Thornton specialises in creating and reviewing financial models to help you make robust decisions when dealing with:

  • cash flow management
  • debt and equity raisings
  • feasibility analyses
  • forecasting
  • scenario analyses

A financial model can make or break a business or investment, so it has to be sound. We test ours rigorously, and continue reviewing them over time. All building, testing and reviewing is done by people who are masters at advanced modelling.

Here are some of the financial models we build:

  • valuation and discounted cash flow model
  • budgeting and financial forecasts
  • models to support project finance, M&As or LBOs
  • refinancing and equity raising analysis
  • acquisition and business roll-up scenarios
  • stand-alone operating model
  • finance process improvement
  • bank and debt analysis

We also review financial models for public and private sector organisations, in mergers and acquisitions, public–private partnerships and project finance, or to test your internal business operations.

When you need a comprehensive review, we extend the scope of our scrutiny to include tax and accounting, sensitivity testing, and checking the data in your model against the original financing or legal documentation.

Meet our people Paul Gooley

Partner & National Head of Corporate Finance

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Building blocks of corporate culture

A good culture should not only be good on paper – it should work for, and be felt by, everyone.

Financial institutions and Regulators in Australia are talking about culture and more specifically risk culture.

Around the world, the issue of corporate culture is receiving increased regulatory attention as a foundation of good governance. As a result, the issue has arguably never been as high up the business agenda as it is today.