Behind every successful organisation lies a strategic business plan that drives growth and resonates with your people and customers.

Delivering this strategic business plan takes skilled and experienced facilitators. Grant Thornton’s Leadership, Talent & Culture team take a structured approach.

Whether delivering a product or a service, we take the time to understand your customers, competitors and critical market forces.

What we do

We work to integrate your business objectives; your people and culture; your processes and systems, to co-design a strategy that suits your needs and grows your business.

Backed by best-practice proven methodologies, our consultants work with you to design and deliver tailored business planning solutions that align your key people with your strategic goals.

These solutions include:

  • design-centred strategic planning workshops
  • detailed business planning workshops
  • cultural and behavioural alignment planning
  • operating model and organisation design
  • program design, management and evaluation
  • reward and incentives program design
  • strategic HR planning
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Partner & National Head of Human Capital

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