Our Realising Deal Value team provides practical advice to ensure the greatest possible outcome and value from business transactions.

An integrated approach to supporting your M&A journey

We work with you through all stages of the deal to maximise deal value and performance, through a robust approach to strategic planning, stakeholder engagement, value mapping and change management.

As your organisation contemplates a merger or acquisition, we will work systematically with you to ensure:

  • you have a clear strategy for the transaction, and a plan to maximise value
  • you have a stakeholder management and communication plan in order to engage with stakeholders and teams at different stages of the process
  • you have effectively analysed and maximised the key value drivers and synergies of the deal
  • you have mapped out a clear change management process that will provide a pathway to success well beyond deal close
  • you are in a position to manage and mitigate all identified risks
  • navigate the unknown, and remove pressure and distraction from management teams and business operations
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Successful acquisitions require in-depth, careful management. Given the high stakes and opportunity associated with strategic transactions, it is important to have a comprehensive plan to effectively drive the process from start to finish, and ensure success beyond deal close.

Our services include:

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  • Operational due diligence - assessing the key opportunities and risks inherent in a proposed transaction for either buyers or vendors.
  • Synergy review – identifying the synergies that exist in a potential deal in order to lay the foundations for business integration.
  • Carve-out - divesting or acquiring a non-core business from within a parent company, including advising on the operational, financial and regulatory implications.
  • Integration - guiding the integration of an acquired business, including managing risk and maximising value in the first 100 days post-completion
  • Exit readiness/preparation for sale - enhancing business value through operational improvements in the critical 12-18 months before a sale

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