Technology provides organisations with some of the greatest opportunities to grow and compete, such as driving innovation and advancing your company’s products and services, enabling greater scale and reach, commoditising and monetising your data and enhancing profitability through improved operational effectiveness.

While technology is an enabler and enhancer for growth businesses, it does create points of risk as well, such as security breaches, budget blow-outs and other disruptions to your current structure and operations.

Our Technology advisory team works with mid-sized businesses to design, execute and optimise their digital investments and transformation strategies. 

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Our experts take a hands-on approach to delivering outcomes and solutions that align technology investments to your growth strategy.

How we help you

Digital transformation

Digital transformation – or put simply, strategic planning – is all about evolving the business model to drive growth. Many clients are unaware of how technology and data analytics can support the implementation of their strategies, future-proof the business and drive performance. Our team makes the complex simple – delivering cost-effective and appropriate systems, processes and outputs that support an organisation's growth ambitions.

Technology investments

We work with organisations to effectively align their businesses and technologies and to rethink their technology investment for growth. The right technology selection can give an organisation a competitive edge, better support the direction in which they plan to head, help to win new business, commoditise data to provide great insight and uplift performance.

IT risk and assurance

Technology is an enabler for businesses but it also represents a risk if not managed effectively. Our team provides expert advice on IT controls in our client's finance function, specialist assurance certification and cyber security consulting, all aimed at reducing risk to acceptable levels.

Technology in M&A

We advise on technology integration and implications that arise across the lifecycle of any transaction. We provide technology due diligence, investment planning and risk assessments. Read more

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