What was trending in the last six weeks, month, week, 48 hours is the best predictor of what is likely to happen next.

Our data and analytics solutions mine your data to answer the questions to competitive advantage. Our performance management experts will help you to steer your organisation by pulling the right levers.

We partner with your business to deliver operational and strategic insights to create value for your customers, employees, and organisation.

90% of enterprise analytics and business professionals reported that data and analytics are key to their organisations digital transformation initiatives. 1

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At Grant Thornton, we guide our clients to guide through their unique data journey with a laser focus on value from their data asset. Our experienced team will assist you in targeting key data and understanding it using industry-leading tools. 

Our approach will help you to improve efficiency, achieve market potential, drive growth and maximise profitability. Whether you need a data strategy, data infrastructure, or data governance we can assist you in achieving your goal.

Data Analytics – Benefits

Data Analytics - Triggers

Better operational understanding – drivers and correlation

Declining market share

Evidence based predictive analysis

Declining sales

Deeper customer insights

Declining margin

Performance trend monitoring

New disruptive entrants to your markets

Better decision making

Difficulty informing timely, data-driven decisions.

Transparency and visibility

Lack of drill down in business performance reporting

Better market understanding (benchmarking)

Difficulty keeping pace with the increasing volume of data

Benefits tracking & realisation

Difficulty extracting insight from your data

Early warning risk management


Optimised staff (value-add work)


Efficient data use, storage and reporting


We do more than answer your questions – we solve them.

  • How do you use data to differentiate your offering? How do you sustain this point of difference?
  • How do you track customer trends to stay ahead of the curve?  
  • How can you better predict business performance?
  • How can you get critical reports to your managers faster?
  • What information do you need to understand your customers, suppliers, and workforce? 
  • What information do you need to evaluate which processes to automate to add real value to your customers and business?


We work with external partners to deliver successful data analytics solutions.