The Export Market Development Grant (EMDG) program is the Federal Government’s cornerstone funding program, encouraging Australian businesses to seek export opportunities for their goods, services and intellectual property.

The EMDG program assists small to medium-sized Australian businesses, with turnover of less than $50 million, by reimbursing up to 50% of eligible costs associated with the development of export opportunities. There is a maximum annual grant of $150,000 available for up to 8 grant years. 


As of 1 July 2021, the EMDG program was reoriented from its current reimbursement model to an upfront grant model. To understand what this reform means for your business, please contact our experts below or read more here.

What you can claim

Overseas Representative

Expenditure incurred in establishing and maintaining one or more overseas representatives on a long term basis in foreign countries. The overseas representative must undertake marketing and promotional activities as part of their role.

This category has a cap of $200,000 per claim.

Marketing Consultants

Costs incurred engaging a consultant (either in or outside Australia) who is not closely related to the applicant. Costs are claimable to the extent to which the consultant undertakes market research, or marketing activities, related to approved promotional purposes. Marketing activities can include advertising on social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google, etc.). 

This category has a cap of $50,000 per claim.

Marketing Visits

Costs incurred for any marketing visit made by the applicant or its agent to any place in or outside Australia to the extent to which the visit is made for an approved overseas promotional purpose.

An allowance of $350 per day (up to 21 days) is claimable to cover ground transportation, meals and accommodation, which are not directly claimable.

Trade Fairs & Seminars

Costs incurred by the applicant or its agent participating/attending a trade fair, seminar, in-store promotion, international forum, private exhibition or similar promotional event, to the extent to which this is undertaken for an approved promotional purpose.

Promotional Literature & Advertising

Costs incurred in relation to promotional literature or other advertising material (whether the literature or material is in an electronic form or any other form) to the extent to which this is obtained for an approved overseas promotional purpose.

Overseas Buyer

Costs incurred by the applicant for bringing one or more potential buyers who are not residents of Australia to Australia. The potential buyer must not be closely related to the applicant and must be brought to Australia for an approved promotional purpose.

This category has a cap of $7,500 per buyer and a cap of $45,000 per claim.

Free Samples

Manufacturing and freight costs incurred in providing free samples to a business that is not a resident of Australia. Costs must be in relation to any eligible product of the applicant.

This category has a cap of $15,000 per claim.

Intellectual Property

Costs incurred by the applicant obtaining patents, designs and trademarks in relation to overseas jurisdictions, excluding New Zealand and North Korea.

This category has a cap on expenses of $50,000 per claim.

How we support you

Our full service engagement typically includes:

  • An initial meeting or call to ensure we are able to assess any issues that may impact your eligibility (such as product being manufactured offshore, previous grant history, etc.) and to assist in identifying ALL potentially eligible EMDG related activities and costs
  • Assisting you with the collection and collation of the relevant financial documentation, which would include guidance as to potential costs not initially identified and a further assessment of the eligibility of each expenditure item
  • Preparing an ‘audit ready’ application and supporting file, which includes identifying ancillary supporting documentation and assisting you in the collation of these documents, such as a Significant Net Benefit report, necessary to substantiate the application
  • Managing any correspondence from Austrade
  • Attending any Austrade audit meeting with respect to your EMDG application
  • Preparing responses to any queries raised by Austrade during the audit process


By taking such a hands-on approach throughout the application process, ensure the most robust, defendable EMDG application, giving Austrade very little opportunity to knock out expenses during audit. This means our clients gain access to the highest possible grants available under the program.

There is no upfront, out of pocket charge for this service. If you don’t receive a grant, we don’t receive a fee. Our fee structure reflects the industry standard, being a percentage of the grant value with a minimum fee.

Please contact one of our EMDG specialists below, who will be able to discuss further.

Backed by industry expertise

As an Austrade approved EMDG consultant we have a high success rate which means our clients can be confident the claim we submit for you will be the grant you receive. Being Austrade approved also means we can submit EMDG applications three months beyond the usual 30 November deadline, until 2 March.

Austrade statistics indicate self-lodgers have a lower average EMDG claim, compared to claims prepared by an Austrade approved consultant. We take our approval seriously, which is reflected by the fact that our slip rate is lower than the average non-approved consultants and self-lodging applicants. By engaging us to prepare your EMDG application, you can be confident all your eligible expenses will be captured, and a higher grant obtained.

For more information, please contact

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