Raising capital for your business doesn’t mean the same thing for every organisation. What is right for you, in the current market with your current goals, can present a multitude of options.

Selecting the most suitable option can be a challenge for businesses seeking finance: what is the best fit for your needs? Then, meeting the requirements of this crucial funder.

There are a number of alternate funding types available:

  • private equity and venture capital
  • equity capital markets
  • high net worth investors
  • asset-based lending
  • traditional bank debt
  • credit funds
  • mezzanine debt
  • project finance
  • leasing.

Assessing the best source for funding for your business depends on a number of factors: the terms of the funding; the use of the funding; the risks you and the funders are assuming; the relationship you want with them; and the expected costs and benefits for both parties.

From the funders’ side, you need to satisfy their often strict and detailed requirements. Financiers value partners who can deliver sound historical financials, a robust forecast financial model – which is underpinned by a sound business strategy and rigorous planning – and clear articulation of the objectives of the financing and benefits and risks.

Assessing and accessing finance for your business

Our team at Grant Thornton works alongside our clients to develop and implement successful and sustainable strategies for raising capital. We assess what financing option best reflects your current situation and goals and help you to identify the right path.

We understand what funders are looking for and build your case for targeting your chosen source and negotiate favourable funding terms. We have experience accessing the full range of funding types available to businesses and have helped clients of all sizes and industries find success in this critical part of their business.

Holly Stiles
Partner & National Head of Corporate Finance
Holly Stiles

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